There Are No Mental Illnesses

Do we ever really question the existence of mental illnesses? Many people think of mental illnesses as something that is negative. Being schizophrenic, for instance, sounds already negative. Mentally ill people always seem to be the strangers that we do not know. If we know someone with a diagnosis, do we think different of them? Or do we think that others are mentally ill, while this person has a diagnosis? No matter how we treat these people, we do not treat them right.

I prefer to speak of mental abilities instead of illnesses. I do not deny that many people have problems with the way their mind and brain work. Some suffer from these abilities. Many need help. I reject the idea that these people need medicaments. People with mental abilities have to learn how to accept them self and how to behave and use their abilities. Mental problems occur when the individual has not learned how to function. I think that this happens when these people are forced into a system that they are not made for. To be more precise: The system does not allow them to function in it. Mental abilities are a gift if one learns how to use them. Mental abilities are abilities to see more. It is the code of people.

There are no mental illnesses.

Who are we to decide what is right and what is wrong. What is healthy and what is a disease?

I think it is a horrible thing to call someone’s brain structure sick or ill. There are no mental illnesses. Just people struggling.



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