Why are we not able to relax at all times? Of course, sometimes we need stress. Relieving stress means that we have to feel the stress and let go. How can we relieve something that is suppressed? Something personal:

I tried to fall asleep, but I could not find the dream world. Something was in my way. An obstacle. Stress. This stress is unbearable, I thought. How can I reduce stress. My natural reaction is avoidance. But avoidance is a technique that creates stress suppression and not relieve. I felt into my body, and it was a very physical experience. Falling. I was falling. Maybe that is the reason why we say “we fall asleep.” I let go of the stress after I felt it and the adrenalin rush flew through my body. After the rush I felt relaxed. Acceptance, yet again, is the key.

Personally, when I am in the process of falling asleep I experience one phenomenon probably every evening. A small thing. When I relax my stress will narrow down to the one spot on my body where I feel most vulnerable at this point. I feel that spot and a need will develop to dodge a possible attack. Of course I know that I am safe in bed, but I still feel this urge to move away from the danger. Then I can fall asleep.

Why would my brain create this compulsion? The ideology of Mental Illnesses assumes that something is wrong with the brain and I suffer because of this. What if I tell you that I can fall asleep afterwards. I faced my stress and that gives me relieve and peace. It is something that comes from stress and creates relaxation. It is something that gives me hold. The fear reveals itself to me. I know where the fear lies. It is no fear of the unknown, even though it might as well be. Creating logic in this case saves me. Things, such as these are pillars that give hold and stability. So how about we start asking the question of why the brain does something instead of “what is wrong, and why.” Where is the benefit? This is an effective way to understand mental abilities. Many people create sense and logic in their life with many diverse beliefs and behavior. I create my own stability and logic. Do we not all need these things in this questionable Omniverse? Make-believe. My own belief justifies its truth in a world where I have no certainty over any truth except one.

Maybe I am just a person with a constantly high stress level. I am happy that my brain has found a way to relieve this stress.



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