Why You Should Be Proud

Why you should be proud of the things you achieve. All the little, bigger, small, gigantic things. Everything. Let me tell you exactly why: (Currently I am busy with many things. I will post more in the upcoming days, but for today I will give you some personal thoughts. Maybe you will see yourself in them.)

Have you ever worried about something? A project? Something you want to do? Something you want to achieve? Often these things go step by step. At many times I end up feeling that I should not be proud until I am finished. Maybe I am the only one who thinks this way, but I fear to be proud because I believe in “bad thinking.” It is this believe of “the light at the end of the tunnel.” When I achieve this, I can be happy. I will just name it bad thinking now, since I have no other word or term for it. What I mean is: I achieved something today, so I should not be proud because I am not done yet. Why should I only relax and be proud when I am finished with something? Am I scared that if I end the day with a good feeling that tomorrow I will not do anything? Is it positive thinking or negative thinking that motivates me? Stress through “you are not done yet” or motivation through “I have achieved this today, I can continue tomorrow.” Is it karma so many people believe in? I am not trying to convince you to stop believing in karma, I am simply telling you to be proud. I have experienced that a good feeling after achieving a small step brings huge motivation to achieve an even bigger step the next day. You have proven it to yourself that you are able to do this one step, you can do the next one! Do you really think that something or somebody will catch you thinking positively and punish you to prove that you were wrong? Do you really believe that thinking positively about a hard project is a bad approach because you need negativity? I am telling you: Try and be happy, and you might realize that motivation comes from the inside as much as it comes from the outside. End your day motivated and you will achieve even more the next day.

This was just a small thought that I had yesterday. Maybe you will see yourself in this, maybe not.

On June 12 (My Birthday) I will post the next “bigger” entry for this blog. I value the text I wrote for that day much. Let’s hope you will like it as much as I do. We will all find out on June 12. A big thank you to all the people that have taken a look at my blog, followed this blog, and supported me in any other way! I did not expect any views on this blog the first three days, but you surprised me. On the second day the visitor number (and the view count) almost doubled and the third day brought even more people to The Dark Side Of Happiness. This means a lot to me. Please keep sharing and tell your friends if you like what you read. It means a lot to me.



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