UCC Oregon Shooting: Why We Need To Start Listening To The Killers

stop children

Another college shooting. This time at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon. The murderer asked victims if they were Christian. If yes they were shot in the head. If no, he shot them in the legs. So far I heard the death toll to be 10 (including the shooter) and around 20 injuries.

Shock. Another tragedy in a “peaceful” and “friendly” neighborhood, where stuff like this shouldn’t happen. But how do we react?

So, the old debate starts again. Who was the shooter? Why did he do it? Who is to blame? Gun-rights? Do we need more gun control? Forbid some more violent media?

Why do we ask all these questions. And who do we ask? The people who have least understanding of what is going on. Who should we ask? The person who knows it best. The dead killer. We need to start asking those that we classify as mentally insane. (I know he’s dead, but there will probably, as always, be documents and files etc.)  And why do we ask all these questions? To improve? So we can move on? Wait a minute… Moving on…the good old process of forgetting and calming down. “It’s all back to normal right?”

See it this way:

Another shooting. How do you react once all the information is out. All the reports of the people who knew the killer. Who knew what person he was. It sounds always the same right? He was a bit weird, mostly silent. Sometimes they are known for abnormal behavior, sometimes not. But all that doesn’t matter. What matters is his mind. We don’t understand it, so we call it ill. He wanted attention, he was full of hate, he was isolated, he had no friends etcetera.
We have experts who will take care of the whole thing. People who are trained to understand these people, and find out what happens. This keeps the insane away from our minds. We might hear that the killer had abnormal beliefs, delusions, was frustrated etc… But what do we really get from that? We don’t see all the data and evidence. No one wants to understand the killer. It would scare us. Why?

Someone who is isolated and often alone, someone who silently lives in their own world. Maybe he even laughs when he is alone. Why? What are all these stereotypical images? They are depictions of the mentally ill. But why do they act like this? If you are alone, really isolated, you will be forced to listen to yourself. Many have a problem with this already. And once you have nobody to ask questions but yourself, because nobody wants to understand your level of thinking… what do you do? You answer your own questions. You entertain your own brain. And many suffer in this condition because they are not capable of gaining happiness from this.
The person will naturally isolate oneself more and more, because social contact will give feelings of being-misunderstood. Of course if certain aggressive media and low education are in the mix, it can easily spark some aggressive energies.
So what should we do? Maybe we should look at the complex reasons of the killer and try to comprehend these complex reasons instead of blaming politicians or gun right. Trust me, if we do that we will still criticize politicians and many more, but in a very different way. We will realize that we all are not treated different than that killer in regards to our minds. Their reasons were real for them, and we should find out what made them real. Understanding their reasoning will allow us to look at the problem that lies deep within. Of course you can just call it an illness now, and be happy that you have your answer. Move on.

What brings someone to become so engulfed with hate that he/she will kill others and the self. What reasons could that be? Maybe we all know the answers already, but avoid thinking about it. Maybe we all need to experience some madness and isolation for once, and see what happens when your head starts asking you questions. We need to change our perspective, so we can start understanding. Because right now, we close our minds as soon as the reason we hear becomes too complex and too horrible to face. But why are these things horrible, and why do they happen? Maybe we should think about why he would do what he did, and not stop questioning our own reasoning, even if it is painful. This is not about blaming ourselves and defending the killer… this is about the question if we are willing to face and change our problems.

So what do you say? Don’t give the insane a voice? Here we go again. We’re back at start… Next.


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2 thoughts on “UCC Oregon Shooting: Why We Need To Start Listening To The Killers

  1. Another tragedy. The saddest thing I find about all of this is the lack of health care – I won’t narrow it down to just mental health. But that’s the American way, right? I was born and raised there; it’s a dog eat dog world, you gotta pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, and no one’s gonna give you a free ride. American society is harsh and unforgiving. It begrudges every little thing. More tax to pay for needed schools or whatever? Hells bells, call the frigging marines out to control the masses.

    Living OUTSIDE that society has taught me a lot. Like, the rest of the world accepted global warming as a fact decades ago, not just recently because the President said it was true. Like, everyone deserves health care and a decent home to live in, despite how much money they take home every week. And schooling? Free. Educate your people. They will be happier, healthier, and live more productive lives.

    As for mental health care, it isn’t just offered here. There’s as wide spread acceptance of someone who says they’re ADHD or bipolar as there would be for someone who said they suffered from MS or any other serious physical ailment. The people here have been educated. Many have close friends or relatives who struggle with a mental illness. There’s no judgement, just happiness that people are getting the help they need. Acceptance if you’re a bit anxious or freaked out about everything. I never knew life could be so good. As for all the tax that every American wants to bring up (oh gods! In Europe you’re paying 50% or more in taxes). Yeah, right. Did you ever wonder why it’s only Americans screaming about the tax rates in the EU? ‘Cause we’re happy to pay them here! Public transport is a DREAM compared to any American city. Health care is INCREDIBLE. Food is actual FOOD, not fillers the FDA has approved because 2 years of testing showed it wouldn’t make people drop over dead the first time they ate it. There is no question here if something needs fixing or updating. Bugger the cost; it’s needed, so we’ll do it.

    These horrific shootings will continue until American society lives up to the lip service it’s been giving since its inception: People matter. Society comes first, because with a health society anything can be accomplished.

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    1. Europe does many things better true. I live in Europe (except now) and America has to learn a lot from them… America as a nation is in it’s youth. But since they are the leader of the dominant world ideology, they think they are the ones who know better… One day people will change. That’s the sad thing. Those who know can only wait and hope. One day…

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