Beatific Vision – A Psychedelic Musical Journey Emulating The Auditory Effects of LSD

Beatific Vision

I have been busy creating some more songs that I will use as soundtrack for my audiobook of The Blackbird’s Tale: A Schizophrenic Fable. My latest song is almost 16 minutes long and intended to be used for meditative or spiritual practice. The song is very experimental and emulates some of the auditory effects of psychedelic drugs (especially LSD and DMT). I mixed this with ambient / drone sounds, impalpable melodies and vocals, and piano parts. Even my cat made some noises for the song (I’m not sure if he knows though). Lean back and enjoy 🙂 Click here: SOUNDCLOUD

(The image shown here is a painting by Gustave Doré (1832-1883). I found it to be very inspiring)

Love from RE Junesworth