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First I would like to thank all of you! There has been a lot of support the last weeks, and especially the last days. I decided that I will make a Facebook page, since most viewers come from Facebook. If you want to keep the Dark Side Of Happiness in your newsfeed, please visit the Facebook page and leave a like. That way you will not miss any of the future entries.

Feel free to post your opinions, suggestions, and questions there. You can also propose topics that interest you. I hope to see you there!

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The Blackbird’s Tale – My Upcoming Book

The Blackbird's Tale LogoI would like to use this entry to announce that I am working on a book. The Dark Side Of Happiness started as a part of the work for my book. The book will be called The Blackbird’s Tale, and it will include many of the ideas that I will talk about on this blog. However, I have to admit that I will not publish all of the ideas, because I think they are just too nice to tell them now.

The Blackbird’s Tale will be a fictional story, set in an imagined world. However, during the writing process I realized that the book slowly became much more than just a fictional story. My initial  idea was to write a book with many short stories that would carry a message and tell the main plot of the book. By now the book has become more complex than that. I have the feeling that the book is not only a fictional story, but also a social critique or a philosophical work, just to name a few. I am working on dozens of characters, with individual plot-lines, multiple factions, belief systems, and regions. The book kept me so busy that I did not write any new blog entries the last weeks. Last Wednesday I even began to work on the map for the book. I am super excited, and pretty obsessed with the book (to be honest). So expect more information to come about it in the next months.

I will go abroad in mid August and live in South Carolina for the next five months. My plan there is to write as much as possible, and record my life experiences in numerous ways. Until I am there I will probably not write much. I know I am giving not much information about the book here, but I thought I should at least tell you that I am working on something that fascinates me incredibly. Maybe one day it will fascinate you the same way.


Is All We Do Wait?


We have no time. At numerous times we use this saying as an excuse to not enjoy our life. All the times we use it in all the different ways. Even the one were we actually use the words’ literally meaning: No time, for we have no time. We do not own any time in this world, nor do we have many of it. Instead of enjoying we give our tears to anything that is demanded from us in the ideologies that surround the basic you. In the end there is nothing, no new state. No existence? We go alone. But yet still we waste our time. And not enjoy the harmony. Life. No time.

What stays is the unknown sound of absolute happiness through melancholy. The Dark Side of Happiness.


*Prelude To A Blackbird’s Tale (TBA)

Sincerest thanks to: M83 -Wait